Saturday, March 19, 2011


DR. THORNE - Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope was the originator of the English county of Barsetshire in the 19th century, which Angela Thirkell revisited in the 20th century. DR. THORNE is the third in the six book cycle, though they can all be read separately. I say this since I read the second, BARCHESTER TOWERS, so many years ago, I had forgotten most of it without detriment to my reading of this one. Trollope's wit, wisdom, and warmth are a winning combination (how's that for alliterative criticism!). Although his young lovers are not out of the ordinary,being sweet, loving, loyal, intelligent, virtuous, etc., the other characters are very much individuals, not literary types. Trollope's commentary on the mores, morales, and culture of his time is both biting and amusing. The joy of reading Trollope is also the facility, the ease and elegance of his writing. The copies I was reading were library copies that were one hundred years old and published in two volumes. I had only taken out Vol.1 and rushed to the library the next day to get Vol.2, so involved was I in Trollope's Barsetshire.  I'll be going back to read the next three books in the series soon.

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