Saturday, April 16, 2011


Miss Hargreaves -Frank Baker
Two English young men.Norman Huntley and friend Henry, are being shown around a parish church in Ireland when on "the spur of the moment" Norman tells the sexton guiding them that he knew an elderly lady who was friends with the deceased minister of the church. On the way back to the inn, the two men create the character of Miss Hargreaves, and for a joke send her a letter at the English hotel where they decide she would stay. A few days after their return home, Norman receives a telegram announcing Miss Hargreaves' imminent arrival. It turns out when Norman finally confesses to his father that he has inherited an ability to bring people to life from his imagination. The problem is controlling them once on the scene.

Miss Hargreaves is 83, but not a meek old lady. She arrives with a talking bird, a yapping dog, and an unquenchable desire for a social and artistic life with Norman as her helper.  Much chaos ensues.

Reissued as part of the Bloomsbury group series,this is a delightful book for pleasure reading.

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