Monday, May 9, 2011


Aunt Jane's Nieces and Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad - L. Frank Baum

Being a lover of the Oz books, I was pleased to discover on Kindle for free this series of romance and adventure books for young women by Baum.  In the first book, he brings together three girls all nieces of said Aunt Jane who have never met their aunt, a rich recluse, or each other until Jane summons them to her home for a visit in order to decide which one will be her heir.  Each girl is a distinct and interesting personality abd they form a bond which continues through the series. In the second book, Baum includes a description of Naples after Vesuvius had erupted having himself been traveling in Italy when that event occured.

I am saving the rest of the series to read when I want the diversion of this delightful real life Oz.

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