Monday, January 3, 2011



Fun, light reading with a quirky cast of characters once more in Yorkshire. The heroine, Charley (for Charlotte) wakes up one morning to the news her husband wants a divorce now. Stunned she agrees to his terms and returns to the family home of her famous writer father  The household is run by her sister Em, a great cook and Wiccan poet, who is made furious by father's new mistress. Soon another sister, Anne, a war correspondent now in cancer treatment, returns and brother, Bran, a professor suffering some sort of nervous collapse is brought home to recover. The two small daughters of the mistress complete the menage a whatever.  All the children were named after the Brontes in the father's attempt to replicate that family's creativity. There are also two quirky servants and soon a handsome actor-writer with his young daughter move into an adjacent cottage. Romance follows for Charley and Em complicated by love potions from the resident witch (one of the quirky servants). Family secrets are revealed.  Although the Prince Charming is over-the-top perfect, the happy ending he precipitates is cheering. I did wonder though what the book would have been like if she had opted for more realistic scenario.

Available Rockport Library


  1. This book sound delightfully entertaining and at the same time some psychological bent to it making for an interesting read from my perspective ~ I tend to use kindle and will check the Manchester Library when I go there ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  2. Sarah I just finished reading this and it was delightful and enchanting ~ bit of the mystical parts to the novel I enjoyed as well ~ looked for more on Amazon but they didn't seem to have the same flavor ~ Just realized I picked the same blogger background that you have ~ I changed it a few days ago ~ and it is the same as yours! LOL ~ Must have good taste ~ LOL