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Thirkell wrote so many books, all highly entertaining, that I won't review them all, but rather suggest if you like the first you read, look at the list in the book's front and order from the virtual catalog at the library or Amazon. In this novel a loving family copes with a father suffering from memory loss and general frailty, a young girl struggles to find a way to leave her very comforting family nest, and an older couple finds love.

This novel is late Thirkell, 1956 (she died in 1961), but her wit is ever lively.  Here's some quotes that made me chuckle. From Mrs. Morland, a writer now in her sixties, "Your son's your son till he gets him a wife.But he goes on expecting you to help him to support all his children all your life." Mr. Choyce, the vicar, talking of the Bishop. "He has found a new hymn by a religious Atheist beginning: "O God, although Thou art not there, Men sing to Thee as if Thou were."  And this one, not necessarily funny, but so true of my life: "The reason she was not listening was that Mrs. Morland was involved in a discussion about the way one was always losing things because you put them in a safe place and then you don't know where it is."  (Ah Yes Moment for Me!)

Gentle comedy of manners by an author who clearly loves her characters and you will too.

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